Charities and other useful organisations

Many charities and other organisations provide practical help and emotional support to specific groups of people suffering bereavement.


The Arbory Trust
The first Christian woodland burial charity.

Bereavement Forum London
For bereaved people in London.

The Bereavement Register
For help in removing deceased people’s details from databases and mailing files.

Association of Bereavement Coordinators
Works to enhance Bereavement Support Services in Hospices and Palliative care across the UK.

British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)
Largest Association in the sector and represents counsellors and psychotherapists.

Campaign against Drinking and Driving (CADD)
For the families and friends of victims killed and injured by drunken drivers.

The Child Bereavement Trust
For bereaved families.

The Child Death Helpline
For those affected by the death of a child of any age, at any time, under any circumstances.

Childhood Bereavement Network
For children and young people, helping them manage the impact of death on their lives.

The Church of England
Parish clergy give much time to visiting families, comforting those who are grieving and providing support.

CRUSE Bereavement Care
For people bereaved in any way, whatever their age, nationality or belief.

Disaster ActionFor individuals and groups affected by disasters.

Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths
For families who have had a baby die suddenly and unexpectedly.

The Grief Centre (Manchester)
For bereaved people in Manchester.

Jewish Bereavement
Counselling Service for members of the Jewish community.

Lesbian and Gay Bereavement Project
For lesbians and gay men who have lost a partner.

LIFE Pregnancy Care
For women suffering after an abortion, recently or in the past.

Light Aircraft Crash Bereavement Support
For those who have lost loved ones in Light Aircraft Accidents.

Leeds Bereavement Forum
Provides a city-wide network of organisations and individuals in Leeds who offer services to bereaved people.

Macmillan Cancer ReliefFor the families of cancer patients.

Missions to SeafarersFor the bereaved families of seafarers.

The Miscarriage Association
For women, their partners and their families during and after miscarriage.

The Multiple Births Foundation
For bereaved adult twins and bereaved parents of twins.

National Meningitis Trust
For the families of those bereaved by meningitis.

The National Association of Widows
For widows.

Roadpeace National Charity for Road Traffic Victims
For those bereaved by road death.

Ruby Care Foundation
For those bereaved by terminal illness.

Advice and support for Muslims suffering bereavement.

Stillbirth And Neonatal Death Society (SANDS)
For parents whose baby dies at or near birth.

Support After Murder and Manslaughter (SAMM)
For families and friends who have been bereaved as a result of murder or manslaughter.

Survivors of Bereavement by Suicide (SOBS)
For people bereaved by the suicide of a close relative or friend.

Twins and Multiple Births Association
For families of twins, triplets and more who have suffered the loss of one or more of their children.

Victim Support
For the relatives of victims of homicide, road accidents, sudden or unnatural deaths, or people who are the victims of crimes.

The War Widows Association
For all War Widows from 1914 to the present day.

The Way Foundation
For men and women widowed under the age of 50 and their children.

Winston’s Wish
For grieving children and their families.