Why plan ahead?

Most people’s plans don’t include their own death, not least because most people hardly plan at all. But at some point, many of us do decide that we really must do something – and then, realising the potential size of the task, continue to do nothing.

The purpose of Plan Ahead is to help – and encourage – those who, for whatever reason, have decided to do something.

The earlier you start the better

The starting point will vary according to what has prompted the action. Few whose thoughts turn to the practicalities of the latter part of their life will be under forty – but the earlier you get started, the easier it is.

It is never too late

Continuing financial uncertainty, austerity budgets and increasing life expectancy have made baby-boomers wonder if the golden years they have assumed to lie ahead will in fact come to pass – and whether it is too late to act.

Or the untimely death of a friend or partner – and the pain and mess that leaves behind – may have pulled some of us up with a jolt.

The baby-boomers’ parents are reaching the end of their very long lives, leaving all sorts of responsibilities and decisions to the next generation.

It may even just be the thought “I’d like that played at my funeral….”

At least make a will

The Spanish say that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans. But to plan involves amassing facts as much as making assumptions and taking action: that is certainly true of the most important thing you can do: making a will.

The effects of not doing so are, almost without exception, disastrous. The good news is that the information you will need to make an effective will is useful in all sorts of other ways.

And vice versa – if you have been left £300,000 as half your parents’ estate, you may well be thinking about what to do with the windfall as well as wanting to plan your tax after the bill you’ve just paid to HM Revenue & Customs.

Every decision you make will help

So from property to pensions and investments, from insurance to healthcare and – yes – funerals, every decision you take now can actually help bring about what you want to happen in your future as well as after you’re gone.

Please take a look

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