Order of service

You may find that preparing the order of service provides a helpful structure for arranging the funeral. Unless the deceased person left precise instructions regarding their funeral then you and other family members will need to make the decisions.

This can be a difficult process with strong opinions being expressed and final agreement required in only a few days. The separate sections of hymns, poems and readings may be a good starting point in at least agreeing initial short lists for the most important content of the service.

Decisions for the order of service

The main decisions to be taken will be as follows:

1. The location and the officiant for the funeral service;

2. The arrangements for the burial or cremation;

3. The type of service; whether traditional or modern or non religious;

4. The hymns, readings, poems and prayers;

5. The choice of person to give the funeral eulogy;

6. Special touches; such as choice of pall bearers, flowers etc;

7. Arrangements for the reception after the funeral

Printing the order of service

If you have appointed a funeral director they will usually arrange the printing of the order of service. You may find it worthwhile to check directly with some reputable printers who may be able to offer more competitive pricing and next day delivery if required. Alternatively, you could print the order of service at home.

Choice of layout

You will need to choose the layout for the order of service. Your funeral director or printer will be able to help in this. To assist, we have included an example of a traditional order of service below. You may find this too impersonal and want to include a picture of the person on the front or a personal motto.

For an example of an order of service, please click here.

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