Special funeral touches

Special touches are increasingly being introduced as a way of personalising a funeral to the person who has died.

These touches are a way of making the occasion more appropriate to the deceased and can help family and friends remember what made the person unique and indeed special. Most importantly, they can be used to provide a small uplift and amusement value to a sad event.

These special touches can be introduced at all stages of the funeral proceedings. You could, for example, arrange for the hearse to be drawn by plumed black horses, a tractor and trailer or, if by chance the person was a keen biker, include a cavalcade of motor bikes.

You might want to ask close friends of the deceased to act as pall bearers or ask people attending to wear special colours. You could place a large framed photo of the deceased in a prominent position or, if you thought appropriate, have the person’s favourite golf clubs leaning against the coffin.

At the end of the funeral, you may want to arrange for a special song or a lament to be playing as people leave the service or for a balloon or white doves to be released as people stand outside.

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