Planning Ahead:Informing People


An Announcement giving notice of death can be posted on Lasting Post. This Announcement provides a public record to inform friends, family and other people of a person’s death. This service is straightforward to use and is completely free.
Personal Obituary

The Announcement can be accompanied by a personalObituary. A person’s Next of Kin will usually be responsible for drafting the Obituary. However, you may want to write some or all of it, in which case, please use the content box provided below.
Memorial Book

A Memorial Book is also provided with the Announcement. This book gives friends and family of the deceased person the opportunity to post messages of condolences in which they can express their sadness and sympathy. It also allows people to share happy memories and personal stories. These messages can give much support and comfort to a family coping with the loss of a loved one.
Choice of Photo

The Announcement, Obituary and Memorial Book all have room for a small personal photograph. You may wish to leave the choice of photograph to your family but if you want to choose a specific one, please give full details in the content box below.