Storing your wishes – leaving a letter


All too often, a person dies unexpectedly leaving their family suspended in a state of limbo without having had the chance to say goodbye. By writing a letter now to be opened in the event of your death could make the world of difference to your loved ones.

None of us want to consider the idea of death but maybe an even worse thought is the idea of dying without saying the things we wished we had. A little time spent now could give your loved ones a priceless gift later on.

Content for the letter

You may find trying to write this type of letter to someone you love an almost impossible task. You really should persevere, for if you do; you will ensure the person has something very special in the event that something was to happen to you.

The content of each letter will, of course, be deeply personal. However, by way of example, a letter to your family could express how much they mean to you, how proud of them you are and your hopes for them in the future. You might also want to express your own core beliefs and what you hold important in life. Such a letter could give them immeasurable comfort and support in the future.

Safely stored

As these letters are so important, we believe that they should be written on paper and stored in sealed envelopes somewhere very safe at home or better still held by a Custodian such as your Solicitor or Bank.

Where at home:
If with a Custodian:
Telephone Number:
Reference (if any):

In the event of your death, your Executors can inform the Custodians and the letters can be sent in accordance with your instructions. This will mean that any particularly sensitive letter can be dispatched without fanfare.