The bereavement register

The bereavement register provides a centralised means of registering a death to help ensure that direct mail is not sent to a person after their death.

The register was launched in 2000. At the time the register was launched it was estimated that on average eighty separate mailings were being sent to deceased people in the twelve months following their death.

This was causing considerable heartache and upset to families after the death of a loved one at a time when they were trying to come to terms with their loss.

More than 75% of direct mail companies now check the bereavement register and remove the names of people who have died from their databases and mailing lists. As a result the amount of direct mail delivered to a registered deceased person should be greatly reduced.

How to register the deceased

Both family members and representatives, such as the funeral director or the personal representatives of the estate (this term includes executors and administrators) may register the deceased’s details on the bereavement register.

The details that are required for the registration include the deceased’s full name, dates of birth and death, their last full address including post code, telephone number and the death certificate number.

The person registering the death will also need to give their details including their name, address and post code, date of birth and their relationship to the deceased. If the registration is made by email then a confirmatory email will be sent when the deceased’s information has been added to the register. Registration is free of charge.

Call guardian service

The call guardian service is also provided by the bereavement register. The service allows the registration of the deceased person’s telephone numbers so that telemarketing calls can be stopped.

This service is provided for a six month period from the date of registration. All telesales calls will be blocked at the telephone exchange.

It should be noted that the call guardian relates only to telemarketing calls and will not screen personal calls to the deceased’s telephone numbers. Registration for the call guardian service is also free of charge.

Contacting the bereavement register

For further information from the bereavement register and the call guardian service, please click here.

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