A home funeral

A home funeral (sometimes called a DIY funeral although increasingly less) is when the deceased person’s family and friends make all the arrangements themselves including the style and content of the ceremony to bid their farewell.

The home funeral can involve a religious or non religious service but with much more participation by family and friends.

Rewarding experience

Some people find a home funeral this a rewarding and often a therapeutic experience. That said it is important that anyone considering this option realises the complexity and the responsibility of ensuring that everything is done correctly.

Using a funeral director

Although there is no legal requirement to use the services of a funeral director you may decide that a compromise is the best solution.

The deceased person’s family and friends arrange the funeral and the committal as well as well as sourcing things like the coffin but employ a funeral director to look after the more complex aspects such as the storing the body before the day of the funeral.

Further help

For further advice regarding arranging a home funeral, we suggest you visit the website of the Natural Death Centre.

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