A modern funeral service

The modern funeral service in England is taken from Common Worship, the series of services authorised by the General Synod of the Church of England and launched in 2000.

To look at the funeral service from Common Worship (2000), please click here.

A traditional/ modern hybrid

As a hybrid, the Church of England also offers the ‘Series One Alternative Service’ (1966) which is an attempt to mix the traditional with the modern. This is the funeral service that most clergy offer if a family request a traditional funeral service.

To look at the Series One Alternative Service (1966), please click here.

The funeral service takes place in two parts

As with the traditional 1662 Church of England funeral service, the modern funeral service takes place in two parts: first, the service itself in church followed by the committal at the graveside, or in the crematorium chapel.

There is no requirement for the committal to take place immediately after the service, though it is usual for this to happen with burials.

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