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The Natural Death Centre is a charitable organisation which, among other more general purposes, aims to help people to arrange inexpensive, family organised and environmentally friendly funerals.

The website The Natural Death Centre lists all the natural burial grounds in the UK, by region, for example London, South East, South West and so on, including those managed by members of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds (see below).

The Association of Natural Burial Grounds

The Association of Natural Burial Grounds was established by the Natural Death Centre in 1994 and currently has has 37 members. The Association’s Code of Practice for its members is published on the Centre’s website.

Requirements for membership of the Association

Among other matters, members are required to comply with the following:

1. To take all reasonable steps to conserve local wildlife and archaeological sites;

2. Not to require that a funeral director be used;

3. To accept for burial, bodies whether wrapped in a shroud or an alternative bio-degradable container or wrapping; and

4. To follow the guidance and recommended procedures contained in the Ministry of Justice publication Natural Burial Grounds – Guidance for Operators 2009.

The Natural Death Handbook

The Centre has published The Natural Death Handbook (4th Edition), copies of which may be obtained from the Centre.

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