Choosing a funeral director

Although there is no actual legal requirement to appoint a funeral director, it is usual to do so.

The funeral director (previously called an undertaker) ensures that all the arrangements for the funeral and the subsequent burial or cremation.

These arrangements are made in compliance with the deceased’s wishes and your instructions as next of kin.

How to chooose a funeral director

As you will be particular vulnerable immediately following a loved one’s death, it is very important that you choose a reputable and professional funeral director who will look after you.

Recommendations of family and friends, your GP and clergy as well as local reputation remain the best ways to find the right funeral director.

Industry is self regulating

You should be aware that at present there are no universal codes of practice in place that control the funeral business. The business which consists of about 2,500 funeral directors in the UK remains self regulating.

Look for a funeral director with strong local reputation

It is essential that you appoint a reputable funeral director with a strong local reputation.

This is particularly important as the profession finds itself in a state of flux with numbers of long established businesses being taken over in a continuing process of consolidation.

Find a funeral director in your area

To search for a funeral director in your area using the National Association of Funeral Directors’ database, please click here.

Trade associations

Most good funeral directors will be a member of one of the two trade associations which have their own codes of conduct and complaint procedures.

The codes of practice specifically require member firms to provide a price list on request and not to exceed any written estimate without your permission.

National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD)

The NAFD represents the interests of the full spectrum of funeral directors from the independent businesses, the co-operatives to the major funeral groups who conduct around 85% of UK funerals. To contact the NAFD, please click here.

Society of Allied and Independent Directors (SAIF)

The SAIF looks after the interests of smaller, independent, privately owned firms. To contact the SAIF, please click here.

Please note

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